Ergopack 725Air

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ergopack-112Ergopack 725Air

Ergonomic pallet strapping system for high-standing pallets.

Ergonomik Palet Çemberleme Makinası olan Ergopack 725 Air Ofset, matbaa sektörü ve diğer çemberleme makinası alanında bir çok sektörde kullanılabilen palet çemberleme makinalarıdır.

With the height adjustable “Air” also high-standing pallets can be strapped now in an ergonomic way, standing upright and without bending down. This is allowed by a patented levitating double ChainLance. The double ChainLance can be adjusted steplessly up to 580m height. Furthermore, by means of two ultrasonic sensors, the “Air” version possesses an automatic detection of the pallet width.


To strap pallets on:

conveyor lines
lifting tables
all kinds of trolleys
with electrical drive via joystick
automatic measurement of pallet width
for PP-, PET straps
with sealing head (tension force 2500N / 4000N)
and Triplex-Tool-Lift

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